1. Start with a clean controller. Any dust or debris will create a bubble under the skin.

2. Lay the skin on the flat part of the controller and press it down.

3. Use your hair dryer to make the “wing” on one side of the controller soft and pliable

4. Stretch the heated skin along the bottom edge of the controller, smoothing as you go. Press down the middle part of the “wing”.

5. Use your hairdryer to melt and stretch the edges as far as you can. You want the smooth part of the skin to go at least to the crease in the controller. You can see the crease through the skin.

Repeat this process on both sides.

6. (optional) Place your controller in your freezer for 20 minutes or longer. This helps the skin to set so that it doesn’t curl at the edges.

7. Use your utility knife to cut the skin along the crease of the controller, cutting all creases that may have formed in the skin off.

Complete this along both sides, and enjoy your skin!